Family First

    Today is the day. I am creating my first EVER blog post. Let's take a look back to my first solo photoshoot (pre tiny treasures photography).  The baby in these photos is my fiancé's niece. She was such a good baby, and I don't think she cried once the entire time. It makes me a little frustrated to look back on these photos because, today, there is so many things I would have changed or done differently. Despite my personal critiques, this photoshoot was a staple to my future business.

    When I came home after this session, I looked at Nathan (my boyfriend at the time, now fiancé) and I said, "why am I not doing this all the time?" the pure joy and fullfillment I received from working with a newborn was a big wake up call. It hit me like a ton of bricks. That weekend I did loads of research and created a business name, logo, and a facebook page. I was on a roll. I was excited, nervous, and not exactly sure what I had just done. After all the chaos and hype of creating my own business, came what I like to call the "post excitement blues". I had an initial idea, but not sure where to go from there.
    With on-going support from friends and family I kept going and working towards my goal. I got my LLC, opened up a business bank account, and started working on a website. One thing I was sure of, is I didn't just want a business, I wanted a business with purpose. That is why I decided to make 5% of all profits go towards the March of Dimes Foundation, who's slogan is "a fighting chance for every baby", because that is exactly what every baby, and family deserves.
    With that, it leads me to here. Right here and now, as I write this blog, I am thankful for my future sister and brother-in-law for being my first, ever, newborn client. Without this chance, I'm not sure where I would be, so thank you. Even though I may cringe at the posing and postioning of the angles, I will forever cherish this photoshoot
    I would also like to thank the clients that have followed and their continued support through my first year as an official business. Last but not least, ALL my family for the constant reminders of why I'm doing what I'm doing, and always holding me accoutable. Love you all to pieces!
    With Love,
    Kristen Schulz