Mom & Baby Relief Fund - Donation & Location

Hello Tiny Treasure-ians (sorta sounds right?),

So, like everyone else I have been watching and listening to the news for the past few months, and constantly hearing about all the damage that has been done by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Despite these awful disasters, with all the sadness and devastation, comes lots of love and support. I recently got married right after hurricane Irma took on the Virgin Islands and made its way through Florida. I wanted to do something at my wedding to maybe raise money to help support the communities affected, but wasn't quite sure what to do, or what organization I would send the donations off to. So, for the past month I've been brainstorming on how to help, and how to use my efforts to make a difference.

If you follow my page on facebook, you know that 5% of all my profits get donated to the March of Dimes Foundation. I love their mission, to give babies and families a fighting chance! I Discovered that March of Dimes has been asked by local hospitals, NICUs and nonprofit partners to support local relief and recovery efforts on the ground, due to flooding, power outages and infrastructure damage. So I thought, "Hey! What a great chance to raise awareness and to help all those families and babies in need!"

The month of November is a special month. November 17th is premature baby day, and November 30th is the end of hurricane season (thank god).

In light of these two special dates, and my favorite foundation, for the month of November I will be doing FREE PHOTOGRAPHY. This includes family, newborn, and baby sessions. All I am asking is that you make a donation to the March of Dimes Mom & Baby Relief Fund. It's Tiny Treasures Donation and Location Fundraiser to help raise funds to get those families and babies what they need, in time of crisis. I still have a full time job as a nanny, so dates and times are limited. Below is a list of dates I have available, Contact me to book a specific time and location of your choice.

CLICK HERE  to donate to March of Dimes Mom & Baby Relief Fund

CLICK HERE to donate to March of Dimes Mom & Baby Relief Fund